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Healing Cancer Peacefully: A Memoir

healingpeacefullyHealing Cancer Peacefully:  A Memoir
Author: Nancy Defenhauser, D.C.


The Round House Press is pleased to launch its first list with a groundbreaking book, Healing Cancer Peacefully, by Dr. Nancy Offenhauser. Healing Cancer Peacefully is a new approach to the problem of cancer, emphasizing how patients can help themselves and making them aware of the many factors, many under their control, that can lead to it.  The book’s novelistic narrative style makes  complex information easy to absorb.

Building Health, Not Killing Cancer

This is a hopeful, compassionate book about building health, not killing cancer. This book shows a simple path to health that anyone can follow, regardless of economic circumstances.

Step  by Step Through Natural Medicine

Nancy Offenhauser, D.C., a highly skilled doctor with a degree from Smith College, is a beloved chiropractor in Dutchess County, New York. In Healing Cancer Peacefully she takes us with unwavering honesty from her 2002 diagnosis of endometrial cancer to her 2004 cancer-free state. She leads us step by step through a wide range of natural medicines and modalities, entirely bypassing conventional allopathic medicine

Dr. Offenhauser’s extraordinary medical memory reveals how she learned to listen to her own body by listening to her patients’ bodies, including those damaged by pharmaceuticals and other procedures. She explains the principles of healing she developed from her own experiences and those of her patients, and introduces us to a little-known cancer-diagnosing blood test.

Mapping a Surprising Road to Cancer

Healing Cancer Peacefully inspires a renewed appreciation for the author’s noninvasive, drugless chiropractic profession, as it was originally designed.

One of many unique features of this memoir is Dr. Offenhauser’s “Mapping the Road to Cancer,” tracing her illness back to such surprising influences as yeast, mold, Lyme Disease, stress, diet, emotional issues of the past, and overwork. Her bold, authoritative “Disclaimer, of a Sort,” “A New Look at Cancer,” “Invisible Survivor,” and other candid, timely viewpoints further set this book apart.


The author, peacefully cancer-free at age 60

Today’s Convenient Truth

Dr. Nancy Offenhauser’s Healing Cancer Peacefully: When the Body’s Not a Battlefield, It Can Tell You What It Needs illustrates the undeniable fact that the body’s natural, self-healed state can best be reached through time-honored, gentle—and affordable—ways of healing.

In this ecology-driven era, public acceptance of the natural healing of the body is the logical—and long overdue—next step.

Healing Cancer Peacefully is today’s convenient truth.