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Press Release: The Book of Andrew: A Past-Life Memoir

What Would Jesus Think About Gay Marriage?

The Book of Andrew Has the Liberating Answer

Written forty years ago, The Book of Andrew:
A Past-Life Memoir, Witness of a Gay Apostle
is published by The Round House Press.

cover-book-of-andrew-isbn-978-0-9823089-4-3-copy-2The Round House Press
Asheville, NC

The Book of Andrew: A Past-Life Memoir, Witness of a Gay Apostle finally answers one of Christian America’s most pressing questions, “What would Jesus think about same-sex marriage?” The book offers hope to countless gay and lesbian people who feel condemned by the distortions that often characterize Church teachings.

The author is Charles Cale Lehman, who died in 1999. Despite his initial skepticism, he came to see himself as the reincarnation of Jesus’s first disciple, the Apostle Andrew, after a series of powerful synchronicities, dreams, visions, and hypnotic past-life regressions in 1977. Several of these events were initiated by key figures in the publication of A Course in Miracles. One of the Course’s earliest teachers is The Book of Andrew’s editor, Bruce Gregory, who conducted the author’s hypnotic regressions.

Apostles’ Same-Sex Love Blessed by Jesus

The most startling and timely message in The Book of Andrew is that the love between Jesus’s first two apostles, Andrew and Philip, was consecrated by Jesus. Joining their hands, Jesus said, “As God has given you to one another, you have no need of any man’s blessing, yet I will bless you. Therefore, love one another joyfully, knowing that your mutual love for the God who created us all will forge stronger ties between you two that is greater than any bond of flesh.”

Ironically, the Apostle Andrew has been a heralded Patron Saint of Russia since the earliest days of the Russian Orthodox Church. Today it is a crime to be gay in Russia, the very land where Saint Andrew is revered.

The Cultural Shifts Allowing Publication Now

Publishing veteran Patricia G. Horan, of The Round House Press, points out two cultural shifts that promise more acceptance today than the book would have found in 1977. Besides the obvious widening acceptance of gay marriage—unthinkable when The Book of Andrew was written— there is a more subtle shift. “Yale-trained psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss’s bestselling books have given hypnotic past-life therapy the credibility needed for readers to accept our book’s premise.”

Sanctioned love between two apostles is only one of The Book of Andrew’s messages from Jesus that contradict much of what the faithful have historically been led to believe. Bruce Gregory has outlined forty-five other surprising statement from Jesus as revealed through Andrew’s soul memory. Here is another one: “If I am unlike you,” Jesus says to Simon, “it is only insofar as one blade of wheat stands higher than another, or as one lamp burns steadfastly while another flickers…I am your elder brother of the Spirit.”


Bruce Gregory,
cell: 404-625-4593
Office: 404.228.2263

Publishing Details:

The Book of Andrew: A Past-Life Memoir, Witness of a Gay Apostle
By Charles Cale Lehman, Bruce Gregory, Editor.

The Round House Press
39 Houston Street
Asheville, North Carolina 28801

Phone: 860.318.6616

ISBN 978-0-9823089-2-9
eBook ISBN 978-0-9823089-4-3

Paperback $18
Kindle $9.99