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The Pork Chop in the Window

porkchopbookcoverThe Pork Chop in the Window

Author: Gloria Carnevale

A Madcap Family Memoir with Over 30 Retro Recipes

“Ever since I can remember, dying meant fried veal cutlets,” says Gloria Carnevale. “Put a pork chop in the window and my family will come.” This Pork Chop’s cast of characters are so food-obsessed they could only be described as, well…bananas. Here’s Aunt Santa, Johnny Potatoes, Grandma Cracker…and what they found in Louie’s cummerbund, joined by Aunt Marie, carrying the frozen side of beef she’s sure she could never find upstate.

You could probably live forever without knowing about the Pocket Lasagna, Jewish Pizza, and the Double-Wide Pocketbook, but life is short and it got a lot shorter for Gramma after eating that biscotti from three presidents ago.

 Here are thirty-seven cousins, all waiting for someone to die and free up a seat at the grownups’ table, even though waiting for them is the seemingly universal Aunts’ Dinner Death Stare. Though the names of her family’s favorite recipes (Kick-Ass Meatballs, Never Live It Down Stew, Get the Lead Out Easter Pies) are more Sopranos than the Joy of Cooking, The Pork Chop in the Window contains more than thirty honest-to-cholesterol, politically incorrect recipes, all family favorites from the never-boring test kitchens of the author’s insanely insatiable gang.